Welcome to SPIN-US

SPIN-US Ltd. (special purpose company) – is the research and technology commercialisation company of the University of Silesia in Katowice. We provide access to technology, know-how from University researchers through intellectual property licensing, spin-off company formation and material sales, and to academic expertise and technical services.

Our main task is to sell results of scientific research and inventions owned by the University of Silesia. We are also open to cooperate with academic staff in terms of establishing new limited liability companies (spin-off, spin-out’s). We assistance in establishing new businesses and providing advisory and support.

Possible forms of cooperation:

Sale of licenses

Establishing of a new company with or without VC/seed involved (spin off / out)

Creating synergies between private and public accelerators companies

Projects implementation

Intermediary in dealing with our scientific staff

SPIN-US is responsible for creating spin-out companies based on academic research generated within and owned by the University of Silesia. Therefore we organize meetings with investors and private companies interested in investing in spin-off companies from the University of Silesia. It provides a vehicle from which private individuals and companies can meet, discuss and invest in the early stages of spin-off companies.

List of spin-offs in Silesian University in Katowice:
1. MILLVENT Sp. z o.o. – Producer and distributor of natural ingredients used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and natural and biological pest inhibitors for plants.

2. ARP GAMES Sp. z o.o. – An accelerator that identifies creative projects in the gaming market and supports the development of innovative ideas from talented recruits.

3. Amorphis Pharma Development sp. z o.o. -a company specializing in the development of technologies for obtaining stable forms of amorphic drugs and developing the technology of their production.

4. Madbiotech Sp. z o.o. – Biotechnology company specializing in fermentation processes, microbiology, and production processes used to create fermented beverages that range from alcoholic to low and non-alcoholic.

5. AscorLAb Sp. z o.o.– Involved in the research and development that assess the usefulness of Cornu Aspersum to obtain a high quality biocomponent (mucus), which is applicable for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.

6. INVENTO CAPITAL Sp. z o.o. A Bridge ALFA Fund that invests in research and development projects in the fields of energy, medicine, chemistry and new materials, as well as, ICT, which results in the development and commercialization of innovative products and/or technologies .

For more details please contact:

+ 48 32 359 20 79